Sunday, February 20, 2011

Disney World....Hooray!

We are going to Disney World!  Since our honeymoon in 2003, D and I had gone (almost) every year until I got pregnant with Trey and Ty.  Our last trip was September 2008.  We are suffering from major withdrawals!  We have booked our trip for September and hoping that they will announce free dining which will save us a ton of money.  Keep your fingers crossed!  We can't wait to take Trey and Ty.  Even though they are too young to remember the trip, I know they will have fun.  Everyone is always asking us why we want to take them when they won't remember....seriously people, this trip is mainly about us at this point and Trey and Ty are free until they are 3.  D's sister and our nephews are coming along.  It will be Hugh and Gabe's second trip.  They were 4 and 14 months when we went in '08 and will be 7 and 4 this time.  I can't wait to see how they react now that they are older!  Seven months is so far away.  I can barely stand it!